white bill hicks

by b0des

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b-side to upcoming debut album - "titrathe"


it’s 2017 now the devs is king
programming kevin’s fling with sex bots
soon they even have wet spots
the techs not what one might call crucial
cruise with a culled crew
doom is what they up to

a soft kill so less coffins to fill
less bouts of breeding,
lower the mouth breathing plebians
simultaneously ignoring the pleiadians
beats a machete to end your heady fwends

every dame strips for a touch of fame or a quip
claiming chips requires mad game and a clip
weak men rather chill in a geek’s zen
these killas down to tear your limbs off;
colder than wim hof

a send off to the sinners making ends
then scoffs at dinners with fake friends
earthly economics early; elementary; embryonic
endocrinologists lie boy, blaming that thyroid
Fat Boys victim to a ploy shocking as smashed glass noise

speak of the devil
elves drubbed a sheikh trying to sneak on the level
bass competing with the treble;
mix hella weak ; culprit linked to skeet on the reverb


back to the drawing board -- remix track two -- trappy hats gnawing chords
choose a synth -- how about a drab saw-thing in the labyrinth?
or maybe some stabby raw-strings sounding prefabbed to the nth

you need to stop reading rense dot com
in the future all humans
look like Mike Pence

hence we dispense plot bombs via cipher
code the bot’s ROM: “be a fighter”

replace the sheep kind with Deep Mind
Johnny 5 on the come up of the creep kind

he frets about a day yet where AI set to aid and abet
the highest vets kept in line via threats of SkyNet
chaos and creativity of man destroyed; devoid of the the void
pure logic an illusion but it’s lure hypnotic

rap hidden mnemonics rarely used ebonics
Bionics Often Destroy Euphonic Sonics
nootropic flow, slanging bars like Onnit
harder than battletoads,ain’t ever gonna pawn it

paid a bunch of gold to the thief locke
jack the chief, it is he who controls the clock
wield the staff of Isms while spitting pure aphorisms
program the calf by rhythm; rapper fascism

hip hop ideologies of flipped chops and big drops is sloppy;
instead,here, bump this midi, straight off of the floppy
or give me ops on IRC so I can block that bot, G

spittin that ill shit , the white bill hicks
an absurd guy with a blurred third eye
hit by a strong grade lie
life is one long wave goodbye

it's the sin in me that enables the vision of entropy
a good intro to section C
DOOM referenced “Section Z” but left out it's history

like Defender; side scrollin through the void
like Tinder; the not so subtle joys of an ego's poise
another playboy destroys a gender

sexual dimorphism at play in tech's prison
hex on his vision blinded, hands binded to a wrecked pen
a match made in heaven

sparked the wrath of eleven emerald elves
looking greener than elongated L's by devin

a belle with pale skin was always a tell
of lilith instantiated; apple pith satiated
serpent's search; a secret selection

steered in a subtle spiral ;
knowledge of good and evil modulated ;
heaven's dream encoded in the modulo of seventeen

heathens heaving their cream
til their karma is even steven ; cede
bodes now owns those abodes; heed

the squeaky wheel gets the grease
tweak the wiki on tungsten steel
unveil forged fabrications via wikileaks


you was warned keep our deeds out your speak
leaving too many leads
sure to end up like Harvey Oswald -- Lee


these freemasons worship thee,
peons told it stood for (G)od or was it (G)eometry?
maybe similar to south korean idolatry

monstrously “spirit cookin” Choi Soon-Sil
prophecies voided; pruned ; nil
these aren't the droids you were looking for - lil

rappers somewhat blew a big shot at originality
or maybe they just got executed


released October 29, 2017
lyrics and production by b0des
all performances by b0des
final mix / master by MØNØ


all rights reserved





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